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Considering the rapidly changing AI market with new tools coming to market daily we decided the future lay with focussing on Bozzi one of the projects on our roadmap. The governance of the project will sit with a Community Governance team and the Bozz Founders while involved as community members will not own, run or receive founders rewards in the Bozzi project.

Visit the Bozzi website at

The bozzi ecosystem enables third party applications to monetise in a new way. Bozzi will be a separate third party app ecosystem with its own token. Applications benefit from the Bozzi Revenue Engine and a gamification infrastructure that introduces real fiat inflows creating a sustainable hybrid revenue model.


The conceptualisation of bozzi stems from experience of the Kin Ecosystem which sought to reach millions of mainstream users through the integration of Kin in multiple third party applications.


With experience on the Bozz team of early participation and building within the Kin Ecosystem Bozz understands the success of Kin in bringing millions of users tangentially into the crypto space through exposure to using and earning kin, and the failures primarily due to flawed over inflationary tokenomic dynamics. Kin at its peak had millions of active users across a diverse range of applications with significant trading volumes. 


The bozzi ecosystem will have an initial governance structure made up of BOZZ and third party applications on the network with the ultimate goal of a $bozzi community involved DAO governance model.


Free to user bozzi monetised B2C applications from BOZZ will be some of the first participants in the bozzi ecosystem alongside other third party applications already committed. 


$bozz holders will also benefit from an airdropped allocation of $bozzi. 

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